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The services we provide can be customised to meet your needs. Our Ministers are trained to listen to you, and provide, your service, the way you want it. We can come to your home or discuss your requirements over the phone, on Zoom or Skype.

After the service is created, all our services are sent to our clients before the special day so that our customers can read them and change things if required, until it is just how they want it. We are here to serve you.

In Scotland our Scottish Ministers are authorised by The Registrar General of Scotland, to legally marry couples and they can create an incredible ceremony for you which is distinctively personal and unique to you whether it is a Marriage or Wedding Blessing Ceremony including the music you both would like, the location of your choice, (As long as it is safe) and can include hand fasting, sand, oathing stone and the Quaiche etc..


We also conduct Wedding Blessings for individuals who wish to renew their vows and for some overseas visitors who have been married in their own country and visit the United Kingdom for its picturesque and romantic scenery to have a Wedding Blessing.


Our English Ministers can also conduct incredibly special and personal Wedding Blessings. You may choose to legally marry at the Registrar’s Office and then with one of our Ministers create the most fabulous Wedding Blessing at the place of your dreams resulting in a ceremony of which you have always dreamed. They can also preside at your wedding in a church, but you must ensure the registrar is present.

Weddings & Wedding Blessings

Our Ministers pride themselves on tailoring their services to meet your needs. They are caring and listen to what you want from your special day, whether it is your wedding or a wedding blessing. 

A wedding blessing can include a renewal of your original vows or you can create new vows to share with each other. Our Minister will help you to write them if required, so that your day is just how you want it.

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A funeral can be a demanding and stressful time, our Ministers will ensure that the service they provide will reduce the stress, with their caring and empathetic attitude to delivering this type of service.

They will meet you in your home, or in the current climate, using social media such as Zoom or Skype and listen to what you want for your loved one's final journey. We have Ministers of many faiths who can deliver your service, it can follow a religious ceremony, humanist ceremony or any other legal ceremony you desire, to give your loved ones the best service possible. It might be a burial, a cremation, or a scattering of ashes, our sympathetic Ministers will listen to you and provide you with a memorable service.


A naming within the Spiritualist community is similar to a Christening, however, it is not just for children adults can also have this type of service.

Our Ministers will tailor the service to your requirements and discuss the whole procedure with you. You do not have to use a church or special building you can have this ceremony performed wherever you wish it to be conducted.

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Bespoke Services

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Our Ministers have all completed a training programme that has taught them to listen to what their clients want from them. You may have an idea for a service that is unique, by engaging one of our Ministers you will be working with someone who can advise you on how best to approach the special service you would like. The service might be a ring blessing or friendship blessing, or something you might think is completely crazy. Our caring Ministers will listen to your idea and create the perfect service for you.

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