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Fox Pioneer Centre is the brainchild of Nicola Neal and Martin Colclough. During the Covid-19 isolation, whilst Nicola and Martin were chatting, they identified that people were going to miss getting out to a Spiritualist Church, so Nicola had the idea of bringing Spiritualism into people's homes by launching an online church service.


Wonderful Wednesdays Online Divine Service was born 1st April 2020; this is still running. From this, and through varying other conversations between Martin and Nicola, online courses were organised and very quickly sold out. Martin suggested that a Pioneer Centre be created as an umbrella for our online courses, as a way forward for modern spiritualism and tutoring of development courses in the psychic sciences.


We chose the Fox Sisters because they, like us, were the beginning of a new dawn in Spiritualism; they brought modern Spiritualism to us as we know it. Following the seven principles, it is the endeavour of our Fox Pioneer Centre and it's tutors to bring affordable world class teaching in the aforementioned psychic sciences to international living rooms in intimate class sizes.

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